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Frustration & Isolation

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At Let It Shine Learning Center, we know that raising a child with developmental challenges can feel like a lonely and rocky road. You often have many questions and worries.

That’s why we do more than just provide therapy. We create a friendly community where you can connect with other parents who understand what you’re going through.

Our team of experts not only brings professional knowledge but also personal understanding of the challenges you face. They genuinely care about your journey. This blend of professional expertise and heartfelt support makes Let It Shine Learning Center a special place to find the help and comfort you need.

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Experience Rapid Progress

Our expert therapists are dedicated to helping your child make incredible developmental strides, rekindling your hope and optimism.

Personalized Therapy Plans

We offer tailor-made therapy plans, eliminating confusion and providing a clear path to your child’s development.

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We bring the best ABA, OT, and speech therapy experts to Central Florida, ensuring your child receives the highest quality care.

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Excellent Service

They truly care for my child

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Our Services


Applied Behavior Analysis

Unlock your child’s potential through ABA therapy, a science-based approach that focuses on understanding and improving behaviors.


Occupational Therapy

Empower your child to thrive in daily activities with Occupational Therapy. Our experienced OT practitioners work collaboratively to enhance your child’s fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, and self-regulation.


Speech/Language Therapy

Communication is key, and our Speech Therapy services are designed to support your child’s language development and communication skills.

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