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Welcome to our Helpful Links page, where we’ve curated a collection of resources to assist you on your journey through ABA, Occupational Therapy (OT), and Speech Therapy in Central Florida. These links cover a range of topics, from educational materials to support networks and community events.

General Resources

  1. Autism Speaks: Explore a wealth of information on autism spectrum disorders, including resources for parents, caregivers, and individuals.
  2. American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA): Access valuable resources related to occupational therapy, including articles, research, and tools for parents.
  3. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA): Learn more about speech-language pathology and find resources for speech and language development.

Local Support and Community Groups

  1. Central Florida Autism Support Network: Connect with other parents and caregivers in Central Florida, share experiences, and access local support.
  2. Parenting with Purpose Central Florida: Join this community dedicated to parents navigating the world of ABA, OT, and Speech Therapy.
  3. Central Florida Special Needs Community: Stay informed about events, resources, and support available within the special needs community in Central Florida.

Educational Articles

  1. Understood: For Learning and Attention Issues: Find expert advice and resources for parents of children with learning and attention issues.
  2. Child Mind Institute: Access articles and resources on child mental health, developmental disorders, and learning differences.
  3. Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation: Learn about sensory processing issues and find strategies to support children with sensory challenges.

Parenting and Advocacy

  1. Wrightslaw: Empower yourself with information on special education law, advocacy, and resources for parents.
  2. National Parent Teacher Association (PTA): Access resources and support for parents involved in their child’s education and development.
  3. Florida Parental Information and Resource Center: Find resources and support for parents of children with disabilities in the state of Florida.

Events and Workshops

  1. Eventbrite – Central Florida: Stay updated on local events, workshops, and seminars related to ABA, OT, and Speech Therapy.
  2. Meetup – Central Florida Parenting Groups: Connect with local parenting groups and find information on meetups and events in Central Florida.
  3. Parenting Magazine – Central Florida Events: Explore a calendar of family-friendly events happening in Central Florida.

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