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Welcome to the Let It Shine Learning Center, where your career can be a transformative journey of impact and purpose. At our center, we are not just educators; we are compassionate professionals committed to shaping the future by unlocking the extraordinary potential within every child.

Joining our team means becoming part of a community driven by a heartfelt mission. We blend therapeutic interventions and education with a deep love, passion, and unwavering Christian faith. Here, we believe that each child is a remarkable gift with boundless potential waiting to be unveiled and cultivated.

Open Positions

BCBA – Board Certified Behavioral Analyst

Board Certified Behavioral Analyst: Lead the implementation of therapeutic interventions and behavior analysis strategies to positively impact children’s development at the Let It Shine Learning Center.

Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT)

Provide essential support in delivering behavioral interventions and assisting in the implementation of personalized treatment plans under the guidance of our dedicated professionals.

Occupational Therapists (OT)

Empower children to develop essential life skills and overcome challenges through personalized occupational therapy interventions, fostering growth and independence.

Occupational Therapists Assistant

Work collaboratively with Occupational Therapists to support children in developing fine and gross motor skills, enhancing their overall ability to engage in daily activities with confidence.

Speech Pathology Therapist

Utilize expertise in speech-language pathology to assess and treat communication disorders, helping children overcome challenges and develop effective communication skills.

Speech Pathology Assistant

Support Speech Pathology Therapists in implementing interventions to address speech and language challenges, contributing to the overall communication development of the children at our center.

How To Apply

Send your resume and cover letter to hello@letitshinecenter.com

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Our expert therapists are dedicated to helping your child make incredible developmental strides, rekindling your hope and optimism.

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We offer tailor-made therapy plans, eliminating confusion and providing a clear path to your child’s development.

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